What we do.

Through the generosity of the people of northern Alabama our conferences are able to distribute food and provide financial assistance to help families meet the basic needs of people struggling to make a fresh start.

Working through 9 Conferences last year Vincentians spent 16,311 hours of service in helping our neighbors in need. We helped 9877 people in 4 Counties, providing $320,561 in direct assistance offering food, and help with rent, utilities and medical and dental aid. 

Vincentians visit our needy neighbors in their homes and help prevent homelessness through rental assistance and help with utility bills. Home visits are the basis of the Society. We currently have 107 Vincentians actively involved in providing help to those in need in the Huntsville area.

Vincentians provide for the needy:

  • Home Visits
    Visits to families requesting assistance
  • Food Pantry
    Available for immediate food needs
  • Financial Assistance:
    Utilities, rent, prescriptions, etc.
  • Thrift Stores
    Huntsville - 2140 Jonathan Dr.
    Florence - 659 S. Poplar Str.
  • Referrals
    Refer clients to professional agencies or charities that deal in special areas of need
  • Special Projects
    Disaster relief

For more information of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, visit our national website www.svdpusa.org


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, District Council of Huntsville, AL, is part of a worldwide organization of lay Catholic men and women who are committed to live and grow in their Christian faith through prayer and personal involvement in charitable works. The Society’s mission is accomplished through local groups called Conferences, and programs called Special Works. The Society’s work includes any action that alleviates suffering and distress, and maintains the dignity of the person being helped.


“No Act of Charity is Foreign to the Society.”

Motto of the Society

“No Act of Charity is Foreign to the Society."

Vincentians are engaged in numerous diverse activities that help our neighbors. While the main focus of most Vincentians is to help the poor and the needy, any act of charity towards our neighbors is also considered a good work by Vincentians.


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